EU-Approved collection centre

with quarantine untis

We offer rearing calves

for rosé veal fattening

Livestock supply

for breeding & fattening

Kleymann Cattle Trade

We market the majority of our livestock using our EU approved collection centre. Our calves are taken care of and sorted into appropriate groups each week for sale.


We are always looking for fattening calves for our own rearing work. Please give us a call if you are interested in collaborating with us.

Rearing calves

Black-and-white rearing calves, approx. 120 kg/liveweight for rosé fattening in groups from 20 to 350 calves.

Dairy and beef calves

Weekly purchase and sale of dairy calves from the breeds Belgian Blue, Fleckvieh and crossbreeds, approx. 150-500 kg/liveweight for bull fattening.

Breeding cattle

Purchase and sale of pregnant heifers for trade within Germany and for export.

Slaughter cattle

Purchase and sale of bulls, cows and heifers for slaughter.

Slaughter calves (ROSÉ)

Optimal marketing of your rosé veal calves for slaughter.