Export von Rindern

für die Zucht und Mast

Über 50 Jahre Erfahrung

im Viehhandel

Wir bürgen für Qualität

und Zuverlässigkeit

Kleymann Cattle Trade since 1962

The Kleymann trading company specialises in exporting dairy, fat and slaughter stock. We maintain a network of dairy/breeding farms as well as suckler cow, rearing and fattening farms not only in Germany but also in the Baltic countries Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

We are your reliable partner for fatstock

  • Rosé veal fattening
  • Calf fattening
  • Bull fattening
  • Dairy calf rearing

and for the purchasing and sale of slaughter stock

  • Calves for rosé veal
  • Slaughter pigs
  • Slaughter cows
  • Slaughter bulls